Thursday, June 21, 2012

who runs the world???

i may have only completed one semester of psychology but i don't need a degree to tell you how important power is for our confidence. i've even written about dumbo feathers before, those pick me up pieces we throw on and feel instantly alive with sass, savvy and sexiness.

well now winter is well and truly here, i want you to up your ante. if you haven't already, go through your wardrobe and take out everything that doesn't make you blue steel at yourself in the mirror. sell it on eBay, give it to friends or give it to good will. less choice makes life easier and honestly why would you want to wear anything that doesn't make you want to strut down the streets like queen Bey!

speaking of, make sure you've mixed yourself a power play list to step to. music can improve your mood in less time than it takes to pop a prescription. we do it when we're getting ready to take on the town on a saturday night, so why not take the time to create a mix that can take you from the bathroom to the boardroom in the morning. you can not have a bad day when prince is pumping 'raspberry beret' through your veins.

so now we have you power dressing and power strutting but for some reason that 3pm come down might be creeping into your consciousness. now is not the time for a lindt chocolate rush. instead it should be a reminder of your power plans! now i may have had you until i started sounding like 'the secret' but seriously you need to have something sunny on your horizon to look forward to, work towards and aim for. this can be anything your passionate about. work, fitness or for me it's play, an end of winter escapade to my favourite tropical isle (33 days and counting...)

einstein was onto it with his 'imagination is everything. it is the preview of life's coming attractions' so why not make what's coming your way attractive! find what inspires you and set it as your screensaver, then when you feel a hint of unhappy coming on, take a minute to check in with what's on its way and smile.

even if your winter blues have you heading for hibernation it doesn't take long to fake it til ya make it...  if you wear that red lipstick, put on those gold glitter shoes and get your arse swaying like miss monroe, before you know it the answer to who runs the world will be YOU DO! 

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