Thursday, May 31, 2012

my name is prince and i am funky, my name is prince the one & only...

they say never to meet your heroes but if last night's jam packed prince concert is anything to go by then meeting the man formerly known as the love symbol could very possibly rock your world. the man is a superstar, a funk master extraordinaire, who can get down old school style in heels higher than i've ever managed to.  the soul soaked song arrangements keep you guessing in a good way and to say the kid got skills on his guitar is the understatement of the century. as i was dancing away to raspberry beret, i remembered why at the age of 7 prince was on the top of my prospective husbands list. the love symbol album along with mj's thriller were my very first ever cds and i'm now lucky enough to say i've seen both perform on stage. he teased at perhaps making a return to melbourne and if he does get out the plastic and pay for the floor seats because you'll never see anything like it again. as prince swagged last night "if i had a camera i'd take a photo of myself right now". awed and flawed my friends, awed and flawed.

prince live @ the brit awards 2006

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