Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hit me baby 200 more times...

i just wanted to say a big thank you to all the edie lovers out there (mostly my sisters & besties) because we are only 200 clicks away from breaking the 10,000 hits threshold, so as we make our way to the big time i thought i'd share with you why this blog is dedicated to my girl edie: 

edie sedgwick  was an exquisitely eccentric, society darling who rocked any room she entered with her vivacious, youthful spirit. one of andy warhol's superstars in the 1960s, she was the first ever 'it girl' with vogue magazine calling her a 'youthquaker' (a term coined by editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland  to describe the fashion, musical and cultural movement at the time that was heavily influenced by youth).

an artist herself edie studied sculpture before taking on manhattan and becoming one of the inaugural celebrity socialites. edie inspired and influenced the world around her. cementing herself as a muse not only for warhol and the fashion world but also her rocker lover, mr bob dylan, who she supposedly inspired to write the songs 'just like a woman' 'like a rolling stone' and 'leopard-skin pill-box hat'.   

however fashion can be fickle and stars can fall. edie struggled with drug addiction and was plagued by mental health issues.  at a party one night, a palm reader looked at her hand and was shocked by her very short life line... edie replied sweetly, "It's okay... I know". 

sadly edie's fortune came to fruition, with the it girl only making it to the tender age of 28, hr time my have been short but it's her spark and sass that has kept her influence alive for generations to come... 

"New York, 1965: a gamine bottle blonde walks through the crowd of hip young things. With her thick, black kohl eyeliner, bouffant hair and antique chandelier earrings dripping priceless jewels, she emanates style. No-one has ever seen anything quite like this young woman, who wears nothing more than a leotard, opaque tights and a sweater.

Men and women stare at her with open admiration - the women making mental notes to try out her look at home. She is the epitome of the swinging '60s scene and one of the architects of the beatnik style. Part muse, part model, sometime actress and wild society girl, she is Edie Sedgwick - and in her short life, she will become a legend ..." (marie claire 2007)

want more read: edie, american girl by jean stein or watch sienna miller play edie in factory girl...

white tees, leggings, leopard, decadent earrings, layers of necklaces, stripes, fur, gold sequins, lashings of liquid liner... no wonder i lOve her!

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