Wednesday, June 8, 2011

forget diamonds, shapewear is a girl's best friend...

we as women go to such an effort. We tan, pluck and preen our way to perfection. Slip ourselves into a saucy little number, strap on our killer new shoes and fill our bag of tricks with touch ups but next time you're about to head out and party like a Prince track just STOP. Go back to the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself.

because it seems to me that the art of dressing has been lost through the generations. trust me, next time you're out on the town take a look around and you'll begin to notice the nightmare of after dark unfortunates filling up the room and i'm not talking about the fashion im talking about the fundamentals.

women from a size 8 - 18 are guilty of committing crimes against couture and quite frankly i am sick of seeing otherwise amazing outfits ruined by poor choice in underwear. please you are doing yourselves a disservice. it's time to say no to black g strings under white clothing, lace underwear under bodycon, hipster briefs under anything, muffin tops over everything because unless you are blessed with a body like the body you need to take note.

i realise our generation weren’t tied into our first corset at cotillion, in fact most of us are getting about in the wrong sized bra. somewhere we seem to have missed out on some wardrobe 101. now I know what you're thinking, despite the wall of beige in the lingerie department this doesn't have to mean no sex nude bikeshorts or worse the definitely no jiggy jig giant granny panties!

ladies we need to go old school, learn a lesson or two from sirens of hotness past or case in point the lovely miss monroe. now this woman definitely knew how to accentuate her assets and aren't we lucky because unlike marilyn we have lycra!

banish those bikeshorts and think slips, seamless and sultry shapewear like Nancy Ganz's Body collection. try and stick to black when you can leaving nudes for the 'only while wearing whites and lights' occasions. take note sisters because this advice could just save your saturday night.

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